Childrens mask Civil Grade 3 ply – Multiple colours

One box contains 30 3 ply childrens masks 



Childrens Mask Civil Grade 3-Layer

Childrens mask with earloop – Multiple colour options

Medicshield offers a 3 ply childrens mask which is available in multiple colours. The 3 ply mask is non-woven and of high quality it is designed to be worn over the nose and mouth to protect the wearer from contaminants, currently widely used to prevent the spread of coronavirus the global pandemic.

The childrens mask is manufactured from 3 ply, spun-bonded polypropylene, non woven fabric. The masks have an integral strip above the nose which is plastic coated and helps adjust to the perfect fit, the face masks are light-weight and comfortable enabling them to be worn for extended periods when required.


  • Meltblown filter layer
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Breathable material
  • Biodegradable
  • Skin friendly non-woven fabric
  • Built-in adjustable nose bridge clip
  • Elastic ear strap

Masks are FDA and CE certified with test reports.

Our civil grade masks are not to be used for medical or surgical use. We have suitable masks for health & social care, NHS, care homes and first responders including:

Face masks are now recommended for use in public places, school, shops, travelling on public transport such as buses, trains, taxis, planes and for at all times when in contact with other people during the coronavirus global pandemic.